StackDriver for Ubuntu 15

StackDriver出了Ubuntu 15的映像檔,但StackDriver的安裝過程有些錯誤,經詢問Support後,下面是完整的Ubuntu 15的安裝流程,給大家參考

1. sudo su -
2. curl -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/stackdriver.list
3. curl --silent |apt-key add -
4. apt-get update
5. apt-get install stackdriver-agent
6. This will update the installation, prompt you for the API key, and start the agent. If you are installing the agent in an automated fashion [1], you can preset the API key in debconf to avoid being prompted for the key by running the following command, substituting your API key [2] for STACKDRIVER_API_KEY:

sudo echo "stackdriver-agent stackdriver-agent/apikey string STACKDRIVER_API_KEY" | debconf-set-selections

7. Continue with Verifying successful Linux installation [3].