gsutil in google compute engine setup

關於GCE上面主機的crcmod錯誤... 目前尚不知道原因為何...(目前觀察都發生在有壓縮檔案的部分)
不過在gsutil工具上可以先透過/etc/boto.cfg上面加上check_hashes = never來略過crcmod的檢查...


$ gsutil cp gs://mybucket/data.tgz .
Copying gs://mybucket/data.tgz...
Downloading this composite object requires integrity checking with CRC32c, but
your crcmod installation isn't using the module's C extension, so the the hash
computation will likely throttle download performance. For help installing the
extension, please see:
  $ gsutil help crcmod
To download regardless of crcmod performance or to skip slow integrity checks,
see the "check_hashes" option in your boto config file.


$ vi /etc/boto.cfg
default_project_id = 429100748693
default_api_version = 2
check_hashes = never